Xangle, Coindar & Colibri Group Become Strategic Partners

Coindar & Xangle

To enter the Russian and European markets Xanglechose the most similar projects and in order to avoid congruence, decided to combine their efforts and entered into a partnership with the company Coindar and the Colibri Group.

Coindar is an online platform where users can track upcoming events related to various digital coins and tokens. Acquiring this type of information can be crucial for any crypto investor who wants to be successful in the long run.

Some events may significantly influence the prices of cryptocurrencies, creating opportunities for traders in the loop to profit or even to claim electronic cash. These include periods with halvings, hard forks and airdrops.

And also with the expansion of Coindar’s functionality and development thanks to Colibri Group, the first once simply a cryptocurrency calendar, today is a powerful ecosystem and venue for various events of any complexity: from AMA for cryptocurrency projects, to various quizzes with cash prizes, etc.


Xangle is the disclosure platform for the crypto market. The project admins provide company information and other off-chain data on the Xangle platform. Xangle sources and curates on-chain data and assists in off-chain inputs. The combination of on-chain and off-chain datasets can provide a complete 360-degree overview for any crypto asset.

In this way Xangle solves the problem of slow dissemination of material off-chain information.For example, companies are required to make regular filings to regulators and reveal information about their operations. Xangle provides ‘Disclosures’ for crypto projects to voluntarily publish essential and time-sensitive information to the public.

Xangle collaborates with crypto projects, exchanges, media/research firms, traditional corporations, and regulatory organizations. We connect with major players in the industry to provide reliable and up-to-date information to the public.

Xangle brings transparency and accountability to the crypto scene by making information accessible and understandable to everyone. Institutionalizing public disclosures is at the core of this mission, and we build other supplementary tools that will make decision-making easier and more efficient.

Colibri Group & Xangle

Colibri Group is the leading consulting company №1 on the market of Russia and CIS and also holds leading positions on the world arena. The Colibri Group brand was created in 2018 for the international positioning of a number of organizations that are part of the Colibri Group. Colibri’s operational business in Russia has existed for over 10 years and has been successfully consolidated in the market of business consulting, audit, retail equipment and IT technologies. It is important for Colibri Group to work with global partners and the best in the business who will represent their brand in their respective jurisdictions and facilitate effective entry into new markets. Xangle was actively launched over a year ago and is number 1 in South Korea. Therefore, it was decided that Xangle will officially represent the interests of Colibri Group in South Korea and the Asian region. Colibri Group in turn will officially represent Xangle in Russia and CIS, promote their unique solution among Russian users, provide support and consulting on strategic issues and work on joint projects in the global market.

Colibri Group works closely with some of the following projects that deserve attention: Waltonchain, Algorand, ARPA, Bella Protocol, CyberVein, Gate.io, HBTC and Bluehelix, HotBit, Gather Network and many others.




Blockchain Consulting Company. #Blockchain #Fintech #DeFi #NFT | www.colibri-group.org | www.coindar.org | www.synopsis.events

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Colibri Group

Colibri Group

Blockchain Consulting Company. #Blockchain #Fintech #DeFi #NFT | www.colibri-group.org | www.coindar.org | www.synopsis.events

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