Mark the Dates! The Second International Online Summit Synopsis 2021: Hot Trends Is Live on June 1 to 5

This year’s summer starts with Synopsis 2021 2: Hot Trends. This is the second edition of one of the largest online summits featuring top trends in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DeFi. Synopsis 2021 2: Hot Trends gathers the brightest industry participants to share their knowledge with 50,000+ viewers around the world.

Duration: June 1 to 5, 2021

The summit gathers 60+ speakers who are experts in blockchain, DeFi, and NFT, representatives of exchange platforms and biggest cryptocurrency projects. They will share the current and future trends of the cryptocurrency market.

The summit offers you 5 days of full immersion in the digital economy. Synopsis 2021 2: Hot Trends is the event to establish close communication between the experts and the community.

The key summit topics are DeFi, digital economy and regulations, NFT and digital art, trading and market analysis, and marketing and PR.

The Interactive Zone is a unique occurrence among online summits. It originates from the first edition of Synopsis 2021. The Interactive Zone allows getting to know the mechanics of blockchain projects in the form of games. Besides, game participants can win prize money. The first edition of Synopsis 2021 was the most Interactive blockchain and DeFi summit. Synopsis 2021 2: Hot Trends will follow through and offer viewers a wider range of interactive events and online activities.

The target audience of Synopsis 2021 is investors, business representatives, traders, market analysts, economists, business consultants, marketers, developers, representatives of regulatory bodies, PR experts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, college students, and everyone keen on the digital economy and DeFi market.

Summit hosts: Maria Stankevich (EXMO), Yan Khavansky (Coindar, Bingbon, Colibri Group), Lihan Lee (Xangle), Maksim Sukhonosik (Xangle), and Alena Afanaseva (BeInCrypto).

Partners: ARPA, Binance, Aergo, Conflux, Bella Protocol, Verasity, EXMO, CyberVein,, Bingbon, HotBit, OKEx, Gather Network, MahaDAO, Elysia, Plasm Network, J2TX, and other popular projects.

Organizers: Colibri Group, Coindar.

Co-organizers: Xangle, Investment Russia.






Blockchain Consulting Company. #Blockchain #Fintech #DeFi #NFT | | |

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Colibri Group

Colibri Group

Blockchain Consulting Company. #Blockchain #Fintech #DeFi #NFT | | |

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