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Oct 24, 2020

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Dilip Ishara Joined Coindar & Colibri Group

We are pleased to announce that Dilip Ishara has become a partner of Coindar, Colibri Group and friendly projects: Algorand, Republic, ARPA, Waltonchain, CyberVein, Bingbon and other popular projects and media resources.

Who is Dilip Ishara?

He is originally a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast who achieved his career as a Regional Manager, Community Manager, Ambassador, and Bounty Manager in most successful Cryptocurrency / Blockchain projects worldwide by representing his country “Sri Lanka”.

He has helped those Cryptocurrency / Blockchain projects to grow their community base with his excellent Managerial, Communication, and Marketing skills.

Early Life & Education

Dilip Ishara was born on October 3, 1990, in Kandy, Sri Lanka. As a child, Ishara was a common little kid as others. At age 16, Ishara was interested in biological science so he decided to continue college studies with biological science scheme.

After college studies, He moved to Singapore in 2012 and continued the education journey with a B. Sc (Bachelor of Science) Dialysis Therapy at National University Hospital. And that leads him to work in Singapore for 8 years.

And that’s where Dilip was started researching about cryptocurrency and related stuff in 2016. He started investing in cryptocurrency and doing community campaigns like bounties and airdrops.

However, focusing on researching and participating in free campaigns have strengthened his interest in cryptocurrency. So he started managing bounty campaigns of new projects. He invested a company named “” in 2017 to manage upcoming bounty programs.

After working as a Bounty Manager for a few years, Dilip thought that wasn’t a good idea anymore because of the ICO scams. So he started managing communities on existing cryptocurrency projects with the strength he built when he was on managing bounties.

Well, this is the current career of Dilip and he is working on various projects worldwide. He was also nominated as a Binance Angel of Sri Lankan Binance community of the famous cryptocurrency exchange “Binance” in early 2020.

The Career with Blockchain Projects

Dilip Ishara’s main mission is to improve the best and reliable community for the companies he worked. Achieving a community base in Sri Lanka is not that easy. Dilip thought that maintaining a good communication environment and focusing on the financial aspects of members, would help grow the community much faster.

And his thought was proved by gathering so many community members around him. Resulting in a better character regarding the Community Manager in every project he works.


Dilip Ishara has been working as a Community and Regional Manager in Ontology since 2019 which is an amazing project that focuses on blockchain digital identity and data.

He is the responsible person for the Ontology Sri Lankan community. By obtaining a large community for the project, He showed up his great successes in marketing and communication.


Its main function is to provide a marketplace to data holders and third party companies. Dilip has helped ARCS core members to grow its community around Sri Lanka.

He has joined ARCS as a Community Manager in early 2020. Since now, he managed a number of community events while maintaining a good communication environment, discipline, and safe.

ARPA Chain

Dilip has managed the ARPA chain community for Sri Lanka as well. He is a Community Manager of ARPA Chain since early 2020. ARPA is a privacy-preserving computation network which allows compatibility with blockchain technology.

Dilip again indicates his community management, Public relations, and marketing skills throughout the project ARPA Chain.

Ledger Capital

Ledger Capital is focused on opportunistic yield & credit opportunities in the cryptocurrency capital markets. In 2018, Dilip has made himself also as a Community Manager in Ledger Capital.


Another great blockchain project’s Sri Lankan community managing by Dilip. Chromia is a platform that changed the whole blockchain technology by creating a relational blockchain.

Dilip joined as a Sri Lankan Community Manager for Chromia in mid-2020. He has accomplished different campaigns and events for community members there which results in a fast-growing community in Sri Lanka.


From 2017 to 2018, He has managed the SRcoin community base by working directly with departments and clients. Maintaining messages received from the project and customer service inquiries was the main role for Dilip.


Another successful achievement of Dilip Ishara was the Brand Ambassador of EFFECT.AI from 2018 to 2019. It’s an open-sourced decentralized network built for artificial intelligence.

He has competent in following,

• Content creation
• Social media management
• Organizing meetups
• Handling local events and so on

Furthermore, he has been represented as a Brand Ambassador in project Cartesi as well. And not only he worked as a Community Manager and Ambassador, but also he has experienced as a Bounty Manager for Viso in 2017, Eiracube in 2018, and Disciplina in 2018. And experienced in the section of Business Development in Medibit USA in 2018.