Coindar & Colibri Group Announces a Strategic Partnership With Good Crypto

Our projects get larger in scale, which is why our company’s partnerships are also expanding. Today we are pleased to announce that Coindar and Colibri Group have established a strategic partnership with Good Crypto. As part of this strategic partnership, Good Crypto users will have even more functionality for fundamental analysis of the crypto market and Coindar users will be able to appreciate the cross-platform trading application.

Partnership details

Coindar users, who had no idea about Good Crypto yet, will finally get to know the cross-platform trading and portfolio tracking application. Traders will be able to try out all of its powerful functionality: spot and futures trading and portfolio tracking on 28 exchanges and major wallets, advanced orders, trading automation, custom alerts and all this are available with a convenient UX and for FREE. Along with that, a Good Crypto user has access to current and historical data on prices and activity of more than 1500 cryptocurrencies and real-time comparison of their prices on 28 cryptocurrency exchanges. Using the Good Crypto tools, enthusiasts can trade cryptocurrency in a more efficient and convenient way.

In the nearest future, Good Crypto plans to create a news module within the trading app, and cooperation with Coindar will help make it more informative, along with alert functionality. How? In the crypto calendar from Coindar users can watch all current events related to the cryptocurrency market: information about all coins, a change in the price of a cryptocurrency after certain news, also news about listings and delisting on exchanges, product releases, and so on. Also, Coindar enables users to add events themselves — in this way, the service is constantly improved by the community.

Good Crypto

Good Crypto cryptocurrency trading application was founded in the US, in 2018. The main goal of the company is to provide the global crypto community with the most advanced portfolio tracking and management tools available on the traditional markets. It should be noted that more than 30,000 traders and crypto investors from all over the world have already been using the Good Crypto app.

Good Crypto team makes every effort every day so that even the simplest crypto trader can trade like a god with the most popular instruments in his pocket. And it’s all almost free. For example, such tools as advanced order types — trailing stop and trailing stop limit. Trailing stops consist of a trigger and the main order. The trigger keeps a selected distance from the market price, “sliding” after it when it moves in the “desired” direction. If the price goes in the opposite direction and reaches the trigger, then the main order (market or limit) is activated. Trailing a sell order is needed by a trader if he expects the price to rise, while a trailing buy order is needed when a trader expects a price drop.

Colibri Group

Colibri Group was founded in 2018 with the purpose of international positioning of a number of organizations within this structure. The operational business of Colibri Group has been operating for over 10 years and has successfully established itself on the market of business consulting, audit, commercial equipment, and IT. The company is licensed by the Federal Security Service of Russia to develop cryptographic encryption means, information systems and provide services in the field of information encryption.

Blockchain direction of Colibri Group includes community management, consulting, and promotion of crypto projects in Russia and CIS. Colibri Group has repeatedly received awards and encouragement as a company that creates the most powerful and high-quality local communities for cryptocurrency projects. Current partners of Colibri Group are leaders of cryptоcurrency industry such as Bingbon, ARPA, Bella Protocol, Waltonchain, Algorand, CyberVein,, Xangle and dozens of other media and blockchain partners.


Coindar is a cryptoсurriency news calendar. Coindar was created in 2017 and is the most important fundamental analysis tool for many traders and investors. Leading industry media such as TheNextWeb,, CryptoPolitan, CoinDesk,, ForkLog have reviewed or are referring to Coindar. The Coindar team is always on the pulse of the crypto industry and collaborates with the world’s largest industry conferences such as Digital Summit, DeFi Summit, Blockchain Life, Cryptofin, Decetralized, and others.

More than 100 cryptocurrencies have representatives in Coindar, including, Ontology, ARPA, IOST, LAToken, PIVX, DentaCoin, WaltonChain, and others.

Coindar Synergies is a platform for holding events of any complexity. At Coindar Synergies, cryptocurrencies hold AMA, contests, webinars, and other events.




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Colibri Group

Colibri Group

Blockchain Consulting Company. #Blockchain #Fintech #DeFi #NFT | | |

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